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Mar 28, 2019

Episode 118: Jessica Tonn has been one of the top 10k runners in the country over the last few years. Today she joins me to discuss her move back to her home Phoenix area and we discuss her changing coaches. Jess has struggled with injuries off and on and we talk about how she is now doing more sustained volume than ever and staying healthy doing so.

:35 Moving back to Phoenix

  • Where I need to be
  • Moving back home
  • Permanent

2:15 Cross Season

  • Was injured in June after 10k Champs
  • Getting healthy and enjoying to run again
  • Working with new coach

4:22 New Coach

  • Jeff Messer
  • Known since 7th grade

6:55 Stories from the past

  • Painted high school coaches van after a bet

8:52 More on new coach

  • Speaker at many national and regional conferences
  • Remains a student of the sport
  • One of top unknown coaches in the country

9:45 Focus of the training right now

  • Was broken after US 10Ks
  • Needed someone who knew and trusted in me
  • Healthy
  • Goal is 10k this year and get to starting lines healthy
  • ASU Sun Angle 1500 and Payton Jordan 10k

13:13 Now coaching at ASU

  • Grew up ASU fan
  • Wanted to give back to Arizona running community
  • Will work out with girls at times

16:39 Still coaching at Run Doyan

18:50 Lower leg injuries doing the little things, how have things changed

  • Had lost sight of doing the little things
  • Self-care, Maximum Mobility with John Ball
  • Sleep, eat, strength work

21:25 1500 and 10k, what races do you have picked out

  • 10k at USA in late July is the goal
  • Payton Jordan

22:55 What do you think of the Diamond League decision to scrap 5k

  • Disappointing
  • With IAAF standards we just need to train harder to get the times

25:12 What are the biggest changes you have noticed in coaching

  • Workouts different - Messer have less key performance indicator workouts
  • Always finishing hard workouts feeling like could do another rep
  • Running more miles now, but the intensity is backed off overall

30:19 Example of workout

  • K's then 800's which got faster. Then 600s that got a lot faster. Then 6x200 with a total of 13 miles.

32:24 Coming back from injuries, how important is the nutrition aspect


Coaching at Run Doyan
Eating Blog
Jess Tonn on Twitter
Jess Tonn on Instagram


Mar 22, 2019

Episode 117: Ben Rosario joins us to talk about the recent changes in track and field. We discuss what it may mean for the Diamond League meets to drop the 5k and how the IAAF changing the Olympic qualifications standards will impact the USA and other countries.

1:25 Diamond League dropped the 5k, why do you think they dropped it

  • TV
  • Live experience for fans
  • Shorten meets
  • Cutting to 90 minutes

2:42 Do you agree with the change?

  • Willing to watch meets and see what it is like
  • Can still see them in the 3k
  • Has been 3k/5k so mix of both
  • Can still host them, just not part of Diamond League points

4:15 Hard to imagine not having that historic race anymore

  • The counter-argument is could be more exciting 3k than 5k
  • 3k usually has more people involved in the finish
  • We will still see 5k races in other meets, DL not the only meets
  • Chance for distance industry to get creative

6:30 You don't think this a move to eliminate the long-distance races off the track?

  • Think it is more about TV
  • Could see 10k maybe being eliminated but may be replaced with a road race

8:30 5k is so relatable to people who do it on the weekend

  • Relatability is even more road racing
  • The casual fan doesn't run on track after high school
  • Road and track are almost completely different sports

10:10 IAAF changed qualifying standards for Olympics

  • Biggest change is a 2 tier system Time Standard and Rankings
  • New times are harder to achieve
  • Rankings system accrue points based on races through year
  • Some races are ranked higher and get more points
  • Better geographic representation into the Olympics with region points

13:20 Top 3 American not necessarily going to the Olympics under the system

  • For international athletes, this system may be better
  • Consistent and run and gain points can give you another way in
  • The biggest problem is we found out way too late
  • Problem is with the US, puts us in a bind
  • USATF is struggling with what to do with Trials now
  • US still have not decided how to name their team

18:15 Problems with how this will work with Marathon

  • If come in 4th and person in 3rd were to beat them but don't have the auto standard, a person getting 4th could not feel good about being named
  • USATF has to figure out what their system will be now

  21:35 Gave exceptions for World Major but not for US Marathon Trial?

  • They made national championships one thing and weighed area championships higher
  • From US point of view may not make sense, but for the outside US may make sense

24:15 Could the focus on World Majors backfire on athletes with appearance fees?

  • Don't think the people who make those decisions would do that

25:09 What else is going on with NAZ Elite

NAZ Website
NAZ Training Plans
Ben on Twitter



Mar 14, 2019

Mark Allen was our guest as we discussed his career highlights and his coaching that he is now excelling at. 

Mar 7, 2019

Laura Norris is a running coach and a running blogger. Laura is always putting out great content on her website This Runner's Recipes. 

:49 Where did your love for blogging start?

3:33 How many posts have you put out in the last five years?

3:54 Did you do any sports in high school?

4:45 How did you make the transition into running in college?

6:02 Do you remember when you decided to do that first race?

7:15 You have qualified for Boston a few times correct?

8:35 How did you break your foot?

9:55 When you started running and qualifying for Boston were you always self-coached?

11:00 Which coahing certification did you get?

11:48 When did you make the transition into coaching other athletes?

12:46 What is the avatar of what your client looks like?

14:04 You write a lot about women's issues, what issues do women runners need to be aware of?

16:09 What are some examples of the hip strength and mobility 

17:20 How often are you recommending strength training

18:08 Are the athletes you work with in person or on the internet?

18:50 Do you give set paces or how do you prescribe effort level?

20:17 What events do you coach?

Final Surge 5 questions in under a minute

Favorite endurance/running book? - Run Faster and Roar
Current trainers you are wearing? - Saucony Freedom and Kinvara
Favorite race? - CIM
Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit
Your favorite workout - 2-mile repeats


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