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Oct 18, 2018

Today we have our first husband and wife team on the podcast together. In Episode 101 we talk to Caitlin and Drew Sapp who own a company called Crew Racing. Drew is a full-time triathlon coach and Caitlin a physical therapist and they have found a niche working with athletes coming back from injuries. They have also recently launched a new Crew Racing Podcast which we discuss. 

How did you get involved in athletics and meet?

  • Met at a triathlon 
  • Caitlin needed a swim coach and Drew won that that
  • Drew was a triathlete in college after being a swimmer
  • Caitlin grew up playing basketball and in college started running
  • 2009 did first triathlon, first Ironman in 2011

Background on Crew Racing

  • 2014 a lot of people were asking both for help
  • Drew full-time coach, Caitlin full-time physical therapist, and works in business

Niche in people with injuries

  • Drew had ACL reconstruction that failed 
  • Several people started coming to them with injuries
  • Trying to give back to athletes 
  • Something missing in endurance rehab because Caitlin would always see them come back with the same injuries

Key for rehab so they are not back to see you

  • Making short and long-term goals on how not to get back
  • Focus on long-term results

Are most of your clients local or internet?

  • Many local and some online
  • Can connect with remote athletes using Final Surge

What about an athlete who comes to you and is not injured, but is coming to you because they don't want to get injured:

  • Back off on over-training
  • Strength training and plyometrics
  • Core work for stabilizer 

Drew Injury

  • ACL in college playing football
  • Again while training in 2016 
  • Had a good team trusted
  • Never wanted to go through surgery again so listened to them
  • While rehabbing view himself as a physical therapy patient, not a triathlete 
  • Conditioning will come back, take the time to rehab

Caitlin and Drew Sapp own operate Crew Racing, which is a multisport coaching group that started in 2014. Caitlin is a physical therapist that specializes in sports orthopedics and I am full-time triathlon coach.

How does someone who needs a good Physical Therapist find one?

  • Key is finding someone who understands athletes 
  • Reach out to local coaches they will know
  • Ask their background in sport

Biggest challenge Drew faced in rehab?

  • Happened right before the wedding
  • Slow progression started coming back 1-minute slow jog 5-minute walk
  • Patient 

Are athletes quick to address problems or do they put it off?

  • Both, both sides of extremes
  • With experience, you learn and shouldn't put off too long

I noticed on your site you also do runners self-defense classes

  • There were issues in our area 

What type of athletes you work with the most?

  • Busy professionals
  • Couples

Been using Final Surge since 2014 in what ways are you using it?

  • Calendar is great
  • Comments more important than anything else
  • New app


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Oct 11, 2018

He was one of the top-ranked triathletes in the world and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest hole of golf ever played over 500 years. So what drives Brad Kearns to always push himself to be better? In episode 100 of the Final Surge Podcast, we talk to author, podcaster, coach and world record holder Brad Kearns about everything from his early Ironman days competing against Mark Allen and Dave Scott as well as why we may not be improving as much as we should be since then.  He spends a lot of time talking about stress and recovery. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast at and follow us on our new Instagram account at final.surge


Early Days:

  • Ran in high school and college
  • Injured so much in college got discouraged
  • Awakening to a better way
  • Turned to triathlon 
  • Was a new sport without coaches
  • Figured it out by feel
  • End of the first season was able to compete with world best
  • Started winning and getting sponsors and forced him to change training 
  • Struggled, overtrained and forced things to happen 

What happens when someone is going for that BQ qualifier they have been training for months and before the race, things are not going well because they may be overtrained, should they still race and give it a shot?

  • What is your purpose? 
  • Know why you are doing it, should you go to a starting line with 101-degree temp?
  • If not fully prepared go there and hand out water instead of competing when you shouldn't be

What about getting to the start line healthy?

  • Rest and recovery
  • Work and training are both stresses 
  • Cut workout short if not feeling it

You have athletes that are super busy, what do you teach them about getting ready when busy?

  • Aerobic training or MAF 180-age beats per minute
  • Teaches you to burn fat not glucose 

Many say, but if MAF was the best style professionals would be doing it

  • Look at training logs and they are

What else can you do to become a better fat burner 

  • Noakes has changed course on recommendations 
  • FASTER Study 
  • Elite athletes can get away with more
  • Some carry excess body fat

Why haven't we improved much since Mark Allen?

  • They were amazing athletes and it is hard to improve on that
  • MEAN finishing time can improve if we improve training with more aerobic
  • If carrying excess body fat as an athlete need to work on that
  • Slow down on runs and cut out refined grains and sugars 

Speed Golf

  • Fringe sport strokes + minutes 78 plus 47 minutes = 128 score
  • World record the fastest hole over 500 yards (video)
  • Played the whole hole with 3-wood


Final Surge 5 questions in under a minute

Favorite endurance/running book? - 4-minute mile Roger Bannister
Current trainers you are wearing? - Vibram 5-fingers
Favorite race? - World Cup Triathlon stop in Mexico
Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Salad
Your favorite workout - Track 4x100 all out

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