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Apr 25, 2019

Welcome to Episode 121 of the Final Surge podcast where we welcome veteran World Duathlon finalist Kerry Camberg to the program. Right after we recorded the podcast Kerry qualified again for the World Championship. Kerry was a late bloomer to endurance athletics and talks about how it is never too late to set big goals and chase them.


1:25 Unique story on how she got involved in running in high school after getting injured as a gymnast. 

2:41 After high school, took a lot of time off and didn't get back into athletics until several years later.

3:15 Got involved in triathlons, realized she was decent on run and bike, but not swim so moved to duathlons. 

4:05 Ran in college, but not until she was in her 40's. Qualified for Nationals in Cross. Finished 7th at nationals.

5:47 Many thought she was the coach because she was old enough to be the parent of her teammates. 

6:30 This all lead to duathlon, biking and running and Kerry explains the difference in events with duathlons.

7:30 We see all the time road races and triathlons, how often are there duathlons?

8:16 Kerry talks about participating in Nationals and then qualifying for Worlds and talks about what it was like qualifying for the World Championships. 

9:45 Making the move to duathlons and identifying what your strengths are and focusing on them. 

11:10 What does a typical training week look like for a duathlete? Run/bike mix and getting out for a run after a long bike ride. 

12:10 What is your milage mixture between running and biking?

12:40 How hard is it on your legs to go between biking to run. 

13:20 Using the Kicker to help train on the bike.

14:07 Give us an example of what a harder workout may look like.

14:38  What advice do you have for someone who may be getting started later in life like in their 40's? It is never too late to get involved and be competitive.

15:44 When someone decided they want to start getting competitive what advice do you have on setting goals. 

16:36 Frist triathlon was a mountain bike race, and she had no idea what a mountain bike was. All training had been on roads. 


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Apr 12, 2019

Episode 120: Neely Spence Gracey has been on the podcast several times, but we have not caught up with her since she had her baby Athen's. In this episode, we talk about what it was like having to take so much time off, what the comeback process has been like and we talk about her future goals including the 2020 Olympics Marathon. 


1:00 What has been going on

  • Athen's born
  • Chases dog in the walker
  • Leaving for training runs hard

2:23 You ran for over a decade without time off, what was it like shutting it down

  • Been running from 8th grade
  • 15 years never had more than a couple weeks off
  • Ran for a while but got pain early on
  • Thought would run a lot longer
  • Went through an identity crisis
  • Decided to mentally take a downtime
  • Once accepted it was in a better place

6:47 When did you know it was time to start training again

  • 6-week post appointment asked OB if could go for a run and they said yes
  • Did 10x run one minute and walk one minute
  • Every other day for a month would increase it a little
  • Took a month before made a 4-mile run
  • Was no information out there on how to come back
  • Core was shot had to rebuild

10:32 You do a lot of core and strength exercises, how much did you focus on that

  • 6-week core program
  • Have a certain routine needed to do
  • Did it 4 days a week and each week was different

14:20 When you started running was there any separation issues or did you run with a stroller?

  • Husband ran with me pushing the stroller
  • Athen's was not happy being left with others
  • Early runs without him were difficult

18:54 Been back running seven months

  • Been long road back
  • Way behind expectations, been longer than thought it would be
  • Had taken 6 months off
  • Shin splints which never had before
  • Miles are behind where hoped to be
  • At 50-55 miles a week, half of normal
  • Cross training 3-5 hours a week

20:32 How did you work through the shin splints?

  • Weight was a little higher than normal
  • Not as efficient stride as used to
  • Ran on more roads and sidewalks
  • Calf muscles got really tight
  • A lot of stretching, dry needling, massages, cupping
  • Ice massages 
  • Once stopped flaring up so much added in strength work
  • Did a lot of hard workouts on the bike for a while

24:46 Do you have a target race plan?

  • No goal race yet
  • Starting to talk about it
  • Most likely will do a fall marathon
  • With new Olympic standards puts pressure on running a marathon

27:40 With new qualification standards do you choose races differently?

  • Need to go for a faster time on a fast course
  • Weather also plays a factor

28:53 What are your thoughts on Olympic Standards?

  • Disappointed how it will impact smaller countries 
  • Taking field from over 200 to about 80 is a big cut
  • It is an original Olympic event
  • Could have been a middle ground that wasn't so drastic
  • But they are the rules so we will live with it and control what we can

30:57 Where are you at with your training and workouts a week now?

  • Now doing 2 workouts and a long run a week
  • Been doing that for about 6 weeks now
  • 12x400 workout and then 6 weeks later was doing 20x400 faster at altitude  
  • Can see big improvements in progression runs

37:00 Boston Marathon is next week any predictions?

  • Excited about American Women
  • Many Boulder women I have been running with and they are ready

39:30 Are you still coaching?

  • Yes have 22 athletes running Boston next week
  • Added a coach to the team
  • Stayed connected to running while couldn't run
  • Work with some mother runners on the comeback



Runner's World Coming Back After Pregnancy 6-week program

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Apr 4, 2019

Episode 119: Megan Ping joins us to talk about the summer camp the Ping family does with Coach Tom Tinman Schwartz over the summer called the Project Gold Running Camp. We discuss the camp, what the kids can expect and catch up with how Grace Ping did recently at the World Cross Country Championships U20 event.

:35 Background - Competetive runner in high school and college and then in marathons. Started running in 7th grade in Minnesota.

1:50 Chiropractor, do you work with mostly athletes?

2:49 How did the camp come about?

5:51 You mentioned this started out as a group of girls, is this still just girls or are there boys now too?

4:43 Are most of the kids from Minnesota? 

5:40 How big has it become?

6:00 How did Tom Schwartz get involved?

7:12 What can someone attending expect

8:55 On a typical day how much time is spent in a classroom learning

10:25 You talk a lot about meeting your goals, is there any sessions on setting goals?

13:28 Both your daughters Lauren and Grace will be there?

13:10 Grace just ran World Cross how did that go?

14:22 Is this camp mostly for elite high school runners?

16:25 One part you stress is nutrition and sleep, can you talk about how important that is?

18:55 - More info
Project Gold Running Facebook